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If you are trying to login to your GlowHost account manager (myGlow) and the system tells you that you need to contact support. This happens for one of three reasons.

Reason 1: You have not tried to use the "lost password" option first.


Solution: Try the lost password option before using the "Lost Email ID" option.


Reason 2: You have typed your domain name incorrectly in the "Lost Email ID" option.


Solution: Verify you have spelled your domain name correctly and try again. Do not use "www" in your domain name.


Reason 3: You have been a customer of GlowHost since before August 1st, 2006, and you have not yet logged into the new myGlow account management system.


Solution: Please try using the "lost password" option first. This option asks for your email address that we have on file for your account.

Hint: This is typically the same email address that you receive the occasional newsletter and your GlowHost invoices from.

If you fall into the "Reason 3" category, the reason the system cannot automagically reset your Email ID/login is because you have not yet logged into the new myGlow system. Upon your first login, the system asks you to store a secret question, and secret answer.

Once you have stored this data with myGlow, you will be able to automagically gain access to your account even when you have temporarily lost your email ID. This means that "Lost Email ID" will work for you after you have logged into myGlow for the first time and successfully stored a secret question/answer pair.

If the lost password function and lost Email ID function cannot automagically help you gain access to your account, please use the helpdesk. There is a department that does not require login, and is specifically geared for helping customers in your situation.