This can be done several ways, but our control panel allows you to do this quickly and easily in a web based interface.

Password protected directories are great for allowing limited access to your website content, for example an "employees only," a members area, or an administrative backend for your website.

All you need to do is access your control panel. Find the link to password protected directories and click on it.

Clicking on a folder icon will bring you deeper into a subdirectory if you need to protect a subdirectory of a subdirectory, sometimes called nested directories.

Once you find the folder you would like to protect, click on the text for that folder/directory.

Check the box at the top of the page. This enables password protection for this folder. Type in a resource name if you like, or keep it blank. This name appears on the login prompt. For example "Members Only!" might be something to put here.

Now add an authorized user and password for the user. 

Now only this user or any other user you add to the list is authorized to access the folder from a web browser.