Q: How much does it cost to transfer my files between hosts?

A: It can be free, or there may be fees involved.

Here are some basic guidelines for file transfers and data migration at GlowHost.

Please note that these are general guidelines and not the final determining factor in data migration fees should you decide that you would like GlowHost to move your data for you.

Depending on your circumstance, we may be able to offer a discount or your quoted price may vary from the guide below if there are other technical issues which need addressed as part of the transfer process. Our helpdesk can quote you an exact price. The points below are ballpark figures so that you can get a generalized idea of what a data transfer service may cost.

  1. You can transfer your own files, or pay someone to transfer your own files to any server at GlowHost and GlowHost will not charge you anything.
  2. FREE file transfers where GlowHost performs the work for you is offered to new clients or upgrades for existing clients. You may still request data transfer services for downgrades, or sidegrades to newer hosting packages, but it will be a paid service if we are able to accommodate your request for the file transfer service.
  3. For those that qualify for our free transfer offer, we will transfer:
    30 cPanel accounts free, then $5.00 per account after.
    Sites over 1000 megabytes are $10.00 per 1000 MB.
    Sites over 1000 megabytes are excluded from the "Free Transfer" offer and will incur a transfer fee per above.
  4. Prices above are for cPanel accounts only. Any other control panel platform will require a quote.
  5. If you are migrating to a dedicated server or cloud server, and you have root access on your old server, and are migrating from another control panel like Plesk, we will transfer your entire server, regardless of disk size for $199. Please check our dedicated server site as we occasionally run special pricing on data migration services.
  6. With the exception of #5 above, we can only perform transfers from other cPanel servers for free. If you run a different control panel or no control panel, we may not be able to transfer your account if you do not have root access. You should open a ticket at our helpdesk to check if it is possible and to request a quote.
  7. For transfers of more than 50 cPanel accounts, it will require a price quote. We cannot quote transfer prices in chat or over the phone. Please open a ticket at our helpdesk requesting your specific needs. We will reply back with a quote very shortly and let you know if there are an additional fees or if the site qualifies for a free transfer.
  8. You are limited to one site transfer per cPanel. We will transfer the content as is; we will not restructure your content. We will not convert addon domains to separate cPanels, and vice-versa as part of this service, but addon domain conversion can be requested in a separate quote or your webmaster can help you with this. If you wish to rename your domain, you can do that before or after the domain transfer.
  9. Shared hosting receives the primary or master domain name's site files transferred for free. If you have Addon domains, they will be transferred exactly as is. If you require that an existing separate cPanel account must become an Addon domain you will need to do this action on your own, or you can request a price quote.
  10. Some dedicated server upgrades and all dedicated server downgrades or sidegrades are not eligible for free data migration service. Please contact our helpdesk for more information.