Inodes are a piece of information about any file in your hosting account.

In other words, any file on your account is considered an inode.

For example, 1 email would be 1 inode. 1 email with 2 attachments would be 3 inodes. Images, movies, HTML files, folders, script files, symlinks and etc. are all considered inodes.

Our hosting packages have various soft and hard inode limits. The table below shows you what these limits are.

Plan Type: Soft Limit / Hard Limit

Unlimited: 200k/250k
Personal: 225K/250k
Professional: 300k/325k

Elastic Sites - Start Up: 250k/300k
Elastic Sites - Buckle Up: 350k/400k
Elastic Sites - Turnt Up: 450k/500k

Semi-Dedicated: 450k/500k
Cloud VDS: Unlimited (limited by the size of the disk)
Dedicated: Unlimited (limited by the size of disk)

A soft limit means that when the limit is reached, you will still be able to upload files receive and send emails, and the account will function normally for a period of 7 days.

However once the account passes the soft limit, it will no longer be included in our scheduled backup service. After 7 days, it will not be possible to upload or create new files until enough files are deleted to bring the account below the soft limit again.

If the hard limit is reached, the account will be in violation of our Terms of Service and can result in possible suspension if the problem is not corrected. We will typically warn you in your cPanel if you have exceeded your soft limit, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are below the hard limit.

Please keep your accounts clean as this will increase the performance and speed of your account and will reduce the load times involved in creating backups of your account. If you do not need files, please remove them.