you have ordered SHOUTcast hosting you should have received a separate welcome letter that contains your connection settings for your shoutcast server. Note that your SHOUTcast server has a different password than your cPanel or your MyGlow password.

How do I access to my WHMSonic panel?

1. Please login to your cPanel and click WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro link.

2. Click on the icon above the words "WHMSonic ShoutCast Admin Pro" to access the SHOUTcast control panel. You will see "Quick Control" there.

3. You need to press the "Start" button to start the SHOUTcast server. Once it's online you will able to see your SHOUTcast page using this link

Where 80XX is a port on which your ShoutCast server is running.

 The port on which your SHOUTCast is running can be found in the "WHMSonic ShoutCast Admin Pro" interface.

What is shoutcast and how do I install DSP plugin to my winamp ?

Please notice you need a winamp5 installed to your computer, please visit the url below to get the DSP plugin details.

You can download this plugin at this link

After the plugin installation you can find readme file for this plugin.

You will need to configure this plugin for your server with the server IP and the port 80XX.

Once you are up and running, you will able to see info about your ShoutCast on your page

Is there any information and support regarding WHMSonic Panel ?

Please visit SonicPanel Knowledgebase here. You can contact SonicPanel through their help desk here.