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The correct permissions for your files on GlowHost servers are as follows:

600 or 644 PHP Scripts (.php)
755 Non-PHP Scripts (*.cgi, *.pl, *.pm, *.py)
644 Non-Script Files (Images, CSS, HTML, Templates, Etc)
755 All Directories (Any folder below public_html)
Never run PHP scripts at 755 or 777. At best it won't work (777) and at 755 you leave your site open to hacks. Your script installation manuals may ask for permissions of 777 or 755 for PHP. Please ignore that and use 600 or 644 instead.

If you have several accounts on the same server, and wish to read or execute scripts between users, you can set 644 on your PHP scripts instead of 600. But chances are that you do not wish for other system users to read or execute your scripts.