This article assumes that you are running an Mac based operating system, and that you have a dedicated server or VPS and have root access.

Connect to your host:




Where is your main server IP

The system will ask you for a user and password. The username is "root" (no quotes1)

The password is the root password. You will now be connected to your server.

next type:

cd /usr/local/lib/


cp php.ini php.iniBACKUP

which makes a backup of the original file

Next type:

nano php.ini

You have now opened pico which is a Linux text editor.

Now you can modify the variables that you need.

When you are done press ctrl+x and when it asks if you want to save the modified buffer type "y" (no quotes needed) and press enter to save the new php.ini

Then type:

service httpd restart

This will load the new php configuration into Apache.