New Customers:

If you are trying to access your Control Panel via http://yourname/cpanel, you will not be able to until your Domain resolves. (24-48 hours) 

You can however login via IP address while you wait for it to resolve. You can also login to your MyGlow Account Manager and find the section called "Manage My Domains" in the top navigation menu. Find the link to cPanel on this page and you can login automatically from here.

Check your welcome letter for the IP address your site uses and the exact URL to your temporary control panel. If you have lost that letter, contact our helpdesk and we will look it up for you. 

Login with the user and password that were sent to you in your welcome letter.

Existing customers:

If you can see your web site but cannot access your control panel:
AND you have verified that it is not an issue of incorrect login details, but an issue of not being able to even see the cPanel (page cannot be displayed) you are most likely behind a firewall that blocks the ports required by cPanel. If you have direct access to the firewall settings you will need to enable certain ports or simply disable the firewall. 

Ports to enable:
Secure cPanel: port 2083
Secure Web mail: port 2096

Secure WHM: port 2087

If you are on a shared network and do not have direct access to the firewall settings (e.g. you are at the hospital, an Internet cafe, using a friends network, etc) you can access it via a proxy.

If you simply need to access web mail and don't have time to install mail scripts, you can use a service like mail2web

Choose their advanced login option and then use these settings. Replace "" with your actual domain and "emailuser" with your actual email username.

If you cannot see your web site from a specific location:
And you have verified that the problem only seems to affect one machine, but not others, you have probably been firewalled from the server. This can happen if you fail to properly authenticate (log in). if you use incorrect login details for things like FTP, cPanel, web mail, etc, and do it repeatedly, the server will assume your IP as a potential security risk, and will add you to the firewall. In most cases, you will need to contact support to have your IP address removed so that your access can be restored.