In most cases all you need to do to lift the site suspension is simply click on the pending or failed invoice(s) that you find after LOGGING IN to your MyGlow Account Manager. Once logged in, you can click on "Invoices and Payments." You will find a list of invoices which may be overdue. Please follow the on-screen instructions that you will see on-screen to complete your payment.

Please be sure to update your contact email addresses while you are in the client area so your information stays current. This can be done in two places. "Edit Profile" is the email that you will use to login to MyGlow. "Billing Preferences" is where you can edit where our email invoices will be delivered.

Sites that have been paid for using the above method will be unsuspended in most cases within a minute or two.

However if you would like to expedite this process, or your site was not automatically unsuspended, please open a helpdesk ticket and notify us that payment has been made, and a representative will move your request to the top of the queue for faster processing of your payment.

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