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GlowHost offers jailshell for shared hosting customers. Dedicated and Cloud servers come with bash.

The difference between the two is bash allows full system control. Jailshell provides users a limited privilege to ssh into their own home directory and manage all the files under their cPanel user's ownership.

If your account is on a shared server, for security measures, we cannot provide you bash.

Jailshell will read .bashrc, .bash_profile under your home directory. You can run most of the linux commands to manage your account. You have limited ability or no ability to compile, or make any server-wide installations or changes.

If you would like SSH enabled on your shared account, please contact our helpdesk. Dedicated and Cloud servers have SSH enabled by default, but the SSH port is blocked by the firewall. This is done to save servers from attack during setup or in case the owner doesn't need SSH access at all. Thus, the owners will have to open it or whitelist their IPs using instructions provided in Welcome letter. If you experience any problems, please open a ticket for Technical Support department. We will be glad to help.