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Check your IP Address here!

What is your IP address?

Every Computer on the Internet has an IP address. Your local PC has an IP address, and our servers have an IP address. This is how computers can find each other. Similar to dialing a phone number, computers can find each other using IP addresses.

IP addresses resemble numbers like or

In the dawn of the Internet, IP addresses were they way you were able to get from point A to point B.

Eventually the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented by some really smart person called Paul Mockapetris because he thought it was much easier to remember domain names and not IP addresses. Smart right?!?

Domain names are now mapped to IP addresses and one has to agree, they are easier to remember than a bunch of numbers.

Today we primarily use domain names to get to point A to point B, however IP addresses are still useful for many things like online gaming, VOIP applications, or in web hosting, diagnosing connectivity problems and solving firewall issues.

Check your IP address at the link above if you ever need it!