When hosting with GlowHost, we offer you the ability to host virtually any type of file or script on your account. It is important to remember that there are literally thousands if not tens of thousands of scripts that anyone could install on their server. As you can imagine, no host will be able to know the hundreds of thousands of errors any script on the planet might give out at some time.

It is also important to understand the different layers involved in hosting a script on a site.

In a simplified model, there is the following:

1) The Server Environment
2) The User's Account

A web host maintains The Server Environment. This is the operating system, kernel, control panel, server security, and other backend processes, services and software.

The web site owner maintains The User Account. This is the space that is leased from the host in which you put your scripts and other files needed to run your web site.

As you can see in the simplified model, a site owner decides what they decide to put in their space, and it is fully controlled by the site owner (or their employees, programmers, designers, and other related specialists)

When seeking support from GlowHost, please ask yourself if this is an issue related to the server or control panel itself, or if this error is directly related to the software that runs on The User Account.

Examples of problems with the files in The User Account. (limited support)

  • Script Errors
  • Website Design Problems
  • Text or Code Editing

Examples of problems with the files in The Server Environment. (fully supported)

  • Control Panel Malfunctions
  • Webserver or Database Malfunction
  • Kernel updates
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Updates to Linux

For issues related to scripting problems, please remember the model above and our relationship to your website. We maintain the back-end, the site owner maintains the front-end.

This is for many reasons. One reason is from a legal standpoint. Read the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Communications Decency Act for more information.

The second reason is the inability for any single entity to know the answers to all of the problems that can occur on all of the freely available software out there. For example, if you have a problem with your Windows computer, you would not call Mac or Linux support for how to fix the problem. You would go to the vendor directly, the vendor in this example being Windows.

When you encounter errors on your website User Account, you should seek support in the following manner:

1) Check the GlowHost forums for your answer.
Use the search feature and search for the error that you see in your web browser. Chances are, you will find something already known about, and there will be fixes available for your situation.

Anyone can post a question in an existing thread, or make a new thread. You can also post your known suggestions and fixes if you see a question that you are excited to answer for somebody. Surely they will appreciate the help.

If you don't find anything useful, find the appropriate forum and make a new thread! Someone from GlowHost or a member of the community is sure to help you.

2) Check the script vendor's support channels.
Most scripts these days offer at least a support forum similar to this one. Others will offer other support channels like knowledge base, and some even offer free or paid ticket support via the helpdesk. They wrote the script, and should be very familiar with how to fix the problem.

If the vendor suggests or requires changes to be made on the server environment (our side), in 99% of the cases we will be able to make those changes for you, or will be able to offer you suggestions or an alternative form of hosting which may work for you.

3) Google it!
Often forgotten is to simply run a search on your favorite search engine. Many times the answer can be found this way.

4) Support Tickets
If you cannot find your answers on the vendor's website, in our forums, or from a simple google search of the error message, then feel free to open a ticket at our helpdesk. Please keep in mind the points above and remember that GlowHost does not write any software, scripts, or applications that you might be having difficulties with, so our support responses in some cases may be limited.

However, GlowHost is a very customer-centric company, and we do promise that we will do our very best to research your issue with you, and try to find answers to your specific problem, even if it is related to 3rd party software. Just please keep in mind the limitations and try not to abuse the privilege (or us!) if we ask you to obtain vendor support for a specific issue.

When submitting a trouble ticket to GlowHost, please be as specific as possible.