The path to PHP needs to be set to /usr/local/bin/php in

 $path_to_php       = "/usr/local/bin/php";  

Other paths for the encoding tools need to be set properly as well.
You can set these in your siteadmin:


If these paths are incorrect your script will fail to function as desired.

You should also ensure that your php.ini has been created and has the following values:


upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 100M
output_buffering = On
max_execution_time = 1000
max_input_time = 1000
session.gc_maxlifetime = 14400
enable_dl = on

And optionally in .htaccess:

SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off

More information about php.ini and .htaccess can be found here:
Failed to find flength file
Create or edit the .htaccess file
Create or edit a php.ini file

Your script will also need to be set with the proper permissions as they may differ from what the PHPmotion installation documents may tell you to do.

Set the proper permissions on your web site

If you are still having problems, you can also request free installation of this script from GlowHost via our helpdesk.

The current phpmotion installation instructions do not offer any information for how to get phpmotion to work on PHP CGI, suPHP or PHP Suexec servers.