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Problem: I can't send email. I can still receive email. I have not changed any settings in Outlook etc. I have recently changed my ISP, or, I have not changed my ISP at all. 

This sometimes happens when you have changed your ISP to an ISP who blocks port 25 which is the standard SMTP port for most hosts. This can also happen when your ISP suddenly decides to block port 25.


Try changing your outgoing mail server to the one that your ISP has provided you for SMTP. 

Meaning, use the POP we provide and SMTP they provide and everything should work fine. This is because some ISP's like Earthlink, SBC and AOL block port 25, which is the port most hosts use for SMTP. You will still be able to send mail normally from

As of this posting date many people are writing in saying that they have not changed their ISP or any other settings, but it just started happening. More and more ISP's are blocking this port so please try this method before contacting support.

For a visual tutorial on how to change this setting, see THIS LINK, select Email from the list on the left, and watch the demo for your email software to locate this setting. Make sure you replace the SMTP (outgoing mail server) from to, (or whatever it is they provide you) If you are not sure of their SMTP server you will need to contact your ISP's support dept. and ask them for the name or IP address of their SMTP outgoing mail server so that you can set it up in your email program like outlook express.


We have also enabled port 26 for SMTP. What this means is that you should be able to continue using for your SMTP setting, however, you need to change the default port from port 25 to port 26. Often times this setup is more convenient, especially for laptop users who travel a lot. It means you will not have to change your SMTP every time you you travel and use another ISP.