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You'll probably need to edit the .htaccess file sooner or later. For this, please follow steps below.

1. Login to your cPanel account and press on "File Manager"

2. In pop-up menu choose "Web root" and "Show Hidden Files". (All hidden files in linux have a dot before name).

3. Click on the "File" button with the plus icon to add a new file, then enter .htaccess as a file name.

If .htaccess already exists in public_html directory, either:

(A) press on it, then choose "Edit".

(B) Right click on it and choose "Edit".

4. Simply agree by pressing edit.

5. Insert what you need in the file, note that # means that it is a comment, it's a great way to put notes in files like these. Everything after # is typically ignored by the software reading the file.

6. Press "Save changes" and the changes will be applied.