There has been increased popularity in our affiliate program and I would like to present some of the most common questions we have been hearing from our customers.

How long does it take to get paid?
90 days after the first sale, your commissions will begin to convert into cash. If you refer at least one sale to GlowHost every month for 3 months, your commissions will convert into monthly payments for as long as you are referring at least one sale to GlowHost. While it is rare, some affiliates may be able to request 30 day payouts from the start of their campaign, usually with a signed agreement about the type of traffic that will be sent to GlowHost. Customers referred to GlowHost should remain customers for at least 90 days.

In order to get the $100 and $500 Monster Bonuses, do I have to make 10 or 25 sales per month?
No! Your sales count never resets. The $100 bonus which is paid on your 10th sale and the $500 bonus which is paid on your 25th sale are the total number of sales in the lifetime of your affiliate count. If it takes you one month or one year, you never have to worry about the bonus count being reset.

Are my number of sales ever reset?
No! Your sales count never resets.

How can I be most successful in the GlowHost Affiliate Program?
Our most successful partnerships with our affiliates stem from those who continuously sell packages that total over $75 per sale. While not required to participate, affiliates who refer sales that consistently refer orders of less than $75, of which the same orders also cancel their account after a short period of time, typically end up being "red-flagged" or removed from the program. Our affiliate program's motto is "3 Way Success." The 3 Way Success philosophy is to make our affiliates money, to provide excellent and useful services to the customers who order and have been referred by an affiliate, and of course, to make sure GlowHost is not losing massive amounts of money on low-quality referrals. Our most successful affiliates have already planned for and considered these important factors, and consistently earn large payouts from GlowHost. Those trying to circumvent the program often times end up with their affiliate account revoked.

Can GlowHost customize my affiliate account with special links, coupons, scripts and etc.?
Sure we can. If you have special needs please contact us and an account manager will contact you to go over your thoughts and ideas so we can deploy a customized affiliate experience for your and for your referral's needs. We can provide automatic script installations as part of the order process, direct order links to specific plans, and customized coupons to name a few ideas which can be done

I plan on sending massive amounts of new customers to GlowHost. Is that OK?
Sure, that is not a problem at all, but we should be notified in advance so that their are no surprises on your account. Often times affiliate spam gangs will send a massive influx of orders through our program in expectations of enormous payouts. And sometimes, talented and legitimate affiliates do the same thing. However, in both cases this will raise red flags in our systems, so you should contact us so that we are prepared to look out for these new orders and to better understand your needs as well as the needs of the customers who will be contacting us in regards to your program.