There can be several reasons for this, (site hacked, phishing from your site, spam originating from your site, etc) but 99% of suspensions are due to non-payment.

You can determine if this is the reason for your site suspension by LOGGING IN to our website and navigating to the Billing area." If you see any "failed" or "pending" invoices that are overdue, this is most likely the reason for your suspension. If you find an outstanding invoices, you can click on the available payment options and follow the on-screen instructions. Once any outstanding invoices have been paid, the account will be unsuspended automatically within several minutes. 

If your site is suspended and you have recently signed up for service with GlowHost, it is possible that we have been unable to reach you for new-account verification. All new accounts go through a one-time verification process. Please log in using the link above and click the "Helpdesk" button to check for tickets awaiting your reply.

If your site is suspended and you do not have any failed or pending invoices, your site may have a technical problem that needs fixed. Please check the helpdesk as there should be a ticket waiting for your review which describes any possible issue. If there are no tickets in your account, please open a new ticket describing your situation. As a reminder, you can check your ticket history to see if we have opened any tickets for you which you may have missed.

If you would like to expedite this process, or your site has not come back online within five minutes after making your payment, please open a ticket and notify our staff that your payment has been made, and a representative will move your request to the top of the queue.