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YES! But keep in mind the following:

Your SSL will not work with CloudFlare if the SSL is installed on the www. (ex.

If it is on then you will need to upgrade to paid version of CloudFlare, which will use their SSL, or you can change your desired SSL domain to a subdomain at GlowHost and avoid the paid upgrade and have the SSL installed for your desired subdomain.

For example, if you have an expensive EV SSL and want to use it while still taking advantage of the CloudFlare CDN, you can set up SSL on something like and the CloudFlare upgrade is not required and your SSL should work normally.

Keep in mind that the SSL (sub)domain will not be proxied through the CloudFlare CDN. To make this happen, if the SSL is on its own subdomain, then ensure that this SSL subdomain is marked with a gray cloud in your CloudFlare configuration inside of cPanel.


Please refer to the CloudFlare support link provided below for some FAQs about CloudFlare