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The most easy way to configure your mail client is to download and run the "Mail Client Automatic Configuration Script" available in your cPanel > Email Accounts > Set Up Mail Client.

But if this way is not available for you for some reason, here is the most commonly used setup with SSL encryption for email exchange, just replace "" with your actual domain name.

IMAP (POP3 is considered to be outdated, while IMAP is more stable, plus IMAP allows you to store emails server-side)

incoming server:

outgoing server: 


The password you made in cPanel for the above email account when you created the email account.

Most email programs default the "username" in the above example as simply "youraddress" which lacks, you need to make sure you have the full email address as the username, sometimes called "account name"

Secure Password Authentication:
Select "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)"

My Server Requires Authentication: 

Outgoing mail (SMTP) port:


Incoming server port:

993 for IMAP

995 for POP3

You may find it necessary to use your ISP's outgoing mail server if you can receive mail, but not send it. Call your ISP and ask them for their SMTP outgoing mailserver and other SMTP settings, and use their SMTP settings even if they contradict our settings recommended above.