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Generally, if your site is down, we already know about it and are working to fix the problem.

However, we have prepared this simple "how-to" for you so that you can confirm this for yourself before submitting a trouble ticket, because more often than not, the problem is due to a local ISP issue. This should help you to identify which end of the Internet the problem lies.... If it is us, we are happy to fix it! Please verify that it is by reading below. 

Step One
Check to see if your server is online using our in-house monitor, Netstatus.

Get a second opinion by checking with a third party monitor like this one. Check a few geographic locations of choice, then type your domain in the box, and see if you get "OK" status. if you get "OK" from 2 or more locations, your site is generally running fine in most cases. 

Step Two
Check the maintenance forum for announcements

If nothing is listed here this issue is yet to be escalated to a long-term outage status, or there are no existing long-term outages.

Step Three
If your server is up according to Netstatus, there are no forum announcements for your server, and your site is being reported as down by other sources, please feel free to open a support ticket here. We're here 24/7/365 to help you!

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